Car Loan/Lease Calculators

Interested in acquiring a car loan or lease with My Car Loan? Use our online vehicle finance calculator to work out what your monthly car loan repayments will be:

Vehicle Finance Calculator - Loan

Vehicle Finance Calculator - Lease

What do these Car Loan & Lease Calculators do?

The My Car Loan car loan and lease calculators will allow you to work out how much your car will cost on a monthly repayment basis. The lease calculator has the option to allow you to select different residuals and see what effect this has on your repayments. You can also see a guide as to how much you will owe at any point in the loan term by simply by clicking on the results link.

Disclaimer: These calculators will only provide a rough estimate of your loan repayments; please seek further contact with us by using our Swift Enquiry form or call us today to speak with one of our finance experts to inquire about our services.