Customer Reviews

Simon E
Honest Answers
Fast Approval
Driving away in my new car the next day
Certainly lived up to their motto … easy as 1234

Renae H
My Car Loan had me approved and my documents to me so quickly, I was truly surprised. At a great interest rate too!!! I couldn’t be happier.

L & K
Our dream of buying a new van for holidays with our children was fading. My Car Loan went above and beyond what he needed to do to get our loan. Now our dream is a reality.

Thank you My Car Loan

Christine W
You always worry when you are a single young girl that people take advantage of you MyCarLoan had me approved at a great interest rate so quickly it was amazing. When they actually sat me down and explained everything BEFORE I signed all the loan documents I felt even more comfortable.

I love my new car and even better I don’t have to worry about my loan because I know it’s the right loan for me and I can afford it!

Thanks My Car Loan.

As a discharged bankrupt I really thought I would never get finance for a car let alone a new car. My new job meant I had to have a good car. I was really worried it if anyone would give me a loan it would be at some crazy interest rate.

My Car Loan surprised me not only did I get approved but the interest rate was little more than some of my friends with clear credit had been given when getting their loan via a car yard. This was the fresh start I needed.