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At My Car Loan we recognise that your vehicle finance needs are a very personal thing, and we care about getting you the right car loans tailored to your requirements, which is why we provide some of the best car finance loans. Car loans are different to other loans in that the dealer is given a base rate by the lender and is allowed to load a margin onto the loan to make additional profit, so it is important to do your research and trust your new vehicle finance lender.

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Financers at My Car Loan have what is called a ‘deeper buying appetite’ considering you an AAA client even if you have a small paid default on you credit history. With just one credit check, you may not get the AAA interest rate, however your car finance loan will still get approved. Your loan may be at a marginally higher rate but you will still attain your vehicle finance.

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If you have qualified for a base rate of 9% a dealer can legally and legitimately load 4% on to the base rate and tell you that you have been approved for the total amount, including loading. Dealers don’t actually tell you that they are loading the base rate by 4% to make profit, meaning you will actually pay 12.99% instead of your originally approved 9%. Rounding down to .99% is a trick dealers use to make you feel as though you’re saving when in actual fact, you’re not.

We offer the best car finance loans in Australia by providing you with a set loan amount per week rather than your set monthly fee. You will automatically times that by four to work out your monthly total (4 weeks in a month) which works out to be less than the correct total monthly amount because there are technically 4.33 weeks to a month. This slightly increases the amount you are charged per month which largely goes unrecognised by customers.

In the case above with an approved 9% rate on say a $30,000 car loan the dealer may secretly pick up an additional $1,200 profit. On top of this the dealer will advise you that there is an application fee of say $695.00 for example, which is for the bank/lender to process everything and take care of all the paper work etc. which they usually receive half of, so it is very easy for a dealer to walk out with $1,500 profit and only tell you that they are making $347.50 which is half the application fee.

How does My Car Loan provide you with the best car finance for your new vehicle?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

1. We provide personal dedicated support for every client. We want to be on first name basis as we guide you through the new vehicle finance process
2. We provide Fast Approval. In most cases we can let you know if your vehicle finance has been approved by next business day
3. We provide Low Interest Rates that are highly competitive and most often with no ongoing or account keeping fees, making our car loans a cost-effective solution
4. We Care. We share your passion for cars and we understand your varied life situations

It’s that easy! My Car Loan is fast becoming a leader in new vehicle finance throughout Australia. We aim to provide customers with the best motor vehicle finance by a car loan finance company they can rely on – no matter what type of car they drive.

To find out more on the options available for you please see our car lease calulator or our car loan calculator

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